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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick Tip Tuesday

Good Morning to all our Fantabulous readers! It is Tuesday again which means its time for another quick tip. My tip for today is Laughter!!!! They say the key to health and happiness to to laugh often and if your having a week like me you could likely Use a giggle or two so today I thought I would share a little scrapbook humour with you.

In addition to a couple laughs you will also be able to establish whether or not you are a scrap addict ;o)

Top 12 Signs of a Scrapbook Addict
  1. You're the only one at a social gathering yelling, "Just one more photo, folks; I don't have enough for a two-page spread!
  2. Blue photo split backs can be found in unusual places--school lunch bags, briefcases, pants pockets, the dog's water bowl.
  3. A regular sandwich is no longer acceptable--it must be cropped or cut with decorative edges.
  4. You try to claim your album purchases as a medical expense because it's such good "therapy".
  5. You buy a new pink swimsuit because it matches the pink photo mounting paper.
  6. Your child is the only one in agriculture class who thinks "crop" is to "cut your photos."
  7. You decide to give your child piano lessons so you'll be able to use the musical instrument stickers that are in the Big Pack.
  8. You redecorate your family room to coordinate with your photo album covers.
  9. Your three year old wants to know if her coloring book is "archival quality".
  10. You're in a fender bender and your first thought is, "I wonder what die-cut shape will coordinate with this event?"
  11. Scraps from your corner rounder cuttings can be found in unusual places: school lunch bags, briefcases, the laundry, the dog's water bowl.
  12. Of course a scrapbook addict doesn't follow a 12 step program but a 12 x 12 step one.

Happy Laughs Ladies

Hope you have a super fantabulous Tuesday!!!

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  1. LOL. I must confess to a few signs of addiction.

  2. thanks for the good laugh...my fave is #9...gotta love that one. lol

  3. Hi Robin

    Just wanted to thank you and Kiki Art for the lovely papers I won for a challenge I entered. They are beautiful papers and your blog is fantastic

    Karen x

  4. This is soooo stinkin funny!!! It should be on the the wall of ALL of our scraprooms =)


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