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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick Tip Tuesday: Getting Staz-On Ink Off Acrylic Blocks

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Here's a quick tip for anyone who likes to use stamping on their Cricut projects...

Several months ago I read an article in Creating Keepsakes magazine about getting Staz-On ink off of your acrylic blocks.  I don't know about you, but I always manage to get Staz-On ink on my blocks when I use it!

The secret to removing it?  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!!!
I decided to give it a try and it really worked...my blocks look good as new!


The Magic Eraser at work:



*Note:  I used the Magic Eraser on Close To My Heart acrylic blocks, with no harmful results to the blocks.  Different types and brands of blocks may yield different results.

Have a creative day!  :)

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  1. Is there anything those things CAN'T do? Thanks for the tip! I just got my first set of Staz On and had that exact problem the other day!

  2. thanks for posting this...i am on my way to the store...lol

  3. Lori:
    Super tip! Have added the Magic Eraser to my shopping list! TFS!

  4. I am going to go and buy one of these and try it! Thanks for the tip.

  5. thanks so much for this tip. mine were getting to the point that they weren't see thru anymore. off to try it now

  6. Love this tip Lori. Does it work well with the wood blocks too? Gonna give it a try.

  7. Wow - great tip - thanks for sharing this!!

  8. Hmmm! Great tip, I'm going to have to try it in the morning.


  9. Excellent tip! I don't know how those things work on just about everything, but they're genius!

  10. Fabulous tip! I actually have one of these sponges too.

  11. Brilliant! My kids just used my blocks and got it all over them! You are a life saver!


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