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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Tip Tuesday – Cleaning Your Machine

I’ve had a suggestion to do a post about cleaning the Cricut machine.  For me, the first step is a proactive one:  I ALWAYS close my machine when I’m not using it.  This way, less dust can enter the inside of the machine.  When I do need to dust my machine, I use a dry cloth on the outside.  Occasionally, I’ve also gently dusted the inside with a dry cloth.  I like to use microfiber cloths as I find they pick up a lot of particles and don’t leave smears of dust. 

If you have a Cricut Cake machine, you can use a damp cloth to clean the inside – in fact, that is recommended after each use.  It is also important to clean the blade of the Cricut Cake after each use.  It is recommended that you clean up immediately, before the fondant dries. 

Happy crafting!

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  1. another tip is that if you get gunk from the glue on the mats you can take a Qtip dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe it away...I occasionally will clean my rollers this way too...if you have canned air that you use to clean your computer, it works well for the cricut too

  2. I've used the "spray air can" before too! I was quite surprised of the large dust bunnies living in there!

  3. Thanks for the advice. I made a cover for mine just for that reason that, I t get really dusty. I also will be custom making one for someone once I reach 50 followers, so stop by If you want to try for it.

  4. I made a cover for mine too. It never comes off unless I use it and it goes back on when I'm done. It really makes a difference in the dust.I googled the cricut cover and eventually found a pattern. But I still have it, if anyone would like the measurements.

  5. Thanks for these great ideas! I never thought to use canned air, but that makes sense. I'd never heard the rubbing alcohol tip either. I've seen covers but don't have one myself. I wish I could sew!!

  6. getting ready to clean mine today!! thanks for the tips. i have the gunk on the roller stopping it and making unnecessary cuts


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