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Friday, December 3, 2010

Fantabulous Friday #38

Happy Friday Everyone!

Ribbons and bows and ties oh my!  This week here at Fantabulous Cricut our challenge is to include a ribbon in our projects somewhere.  So I decided to see what we could do with ribbon outside of a standard bow. A bow tie that is.

So here is what I came up with.
christmas bow making-ribbon rose samples
Present Bows and Ribbon Roses.
First a Ribbon Rose.
Ribbon Rose Tutorial by Melin of CookingWithCricut.com
This is pretty simple to make once you master the idea of rolling and folding your ribbon. That’s all there really is to this.  I made my first video tutorial to show you. I hope you it is easy to understand. I am by no means a video editor, but thought I would give it a try.

Second: Present Bows
I didn’t have time to try and make another video so here is a couple of pictures to try and explain how to make these.
christmas bow step 0
First: Get a length of ribbon. The length will depend on how big you ultimately want your bow to be another factor is the thickness of your ribbon. The Acetate ribbon I used here was 1 3/8”.  Just experiment with different lengths until you get an idea of how big your bows will be. But my ribbon is approximately 12-13”.  Oh yeah, the bow on the top right corner was made out of paper to show you that you could make a gift and have the bow match perfectly by using the same paper :-)
christmas bow step1
The trick to these is all in how you “fold” the ribbon. Try to think of an inverted figure 8. The “tighter” the “curl” or “fold”, the pointier the bow will appear. Some folks use brads to hold the centers, but I used some glue dots. Those worked out real well too.
second loop
Next take the opposite end and fold it the other way. Again, think of an inverted figure 8. The ribbon ends should be “underneath” and then you can line them up pretty well. This will help keep your “points” symmetrical. You will make four of these. Two can be slightly smaller if desired. This is achieved by simply starting with a shorter piece or by making your “fold” tighter.
layers ready to stack
Once you have all four, you will want to adhere them two by two and in a bit of an angle. Not directly across or in a cross shape from each other.
Once you have done that, you simply layer one on top of the other, again staggering them. I glued the two layers together with a glue dot.
adding center
Finally, you will take a piece of ribbon and just roll it into a circle. Take this circle and attach it to the center, again at an angle. You could also leave the center loop out and add something like a peppermint candy, a Hershey kiss or anything really for an extra special touch.
Well that’s it for today. I hope you all have a wonderfully crafty weekend. Be sure to enter our challenge this week…No excuses now…even if you can’t “tie a bow” now you can do something else with your ribbon!
Until next Friday,


  1. WOW, thank you for sharing that! Must try it at home!

  2. Wow! Cool! Love how easy you make it look!



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