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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday: Glossy Accents

Welcome to Quick Tip Tuesday!  I love using Glossy Accents, but sometimes feel I am spending precious crafting time trying to pick dried bits out of the nozzle in order to use it.  I was recently watching a video tutorial in which somebody was using the product and I noticed incidentally that they had a straight pin stored in the nozzle.  I thought this was such a clever idea that I've been doing it for the past week or so - and it has made such a difference.
Card made using Glossy Accents for the air bubbles
I would like to point out that I did do a bit of an online search concerning this.  Apparently, some pins can rust, so I would not recommend this idea if you do not use your Glossy Accents frequently.  Also, I am using quality pins from a sewing shop (opposed to Dollar Store pins), and that might make a difference as well.

If you have another idea, I would love to hear that too!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Thanks for the tip, have this problem with my zip dry and my 3m quick dry, wonder if it would work in them too!

  2. Thanks, as soon as I get mine flowing again, I'll be sure to stick a pin in it!

  3. Hi Kate! I keep a pin in my Glossy accents and the pin I'm using must be a good one. It has not rusted. However I use to keep a pin in my Scotch quick dry and it was rusted in no time. So maybe it was the pin I used...Hmmmm. TFS!!!

  4. Be careful. I tried this and did not use my glossy accents for a while - and the pin rusted...what a mess!

  5. Kate
    Your tip on storing the straight pin in the nozzle is great. Like you, I believe the non rust ones are the only ones to use. I had one I put in the glue bottle and it rusted and so the glue, which should have come out clear, came out rusty. Not so good. lol

  6. Instead of keeping a pin in the nozzle, I tie a piece of ribbon around the bottle and attach a large safety pin. After using the safety pin to clear any blockages I wipe it off and put it back. I try to keep the ribbon at about the same level as the liquid and then it's an easy visual reminder of if I'm getting low.

  7. Such a cute card, love the embossied mosaic tile!! What a great tip for the glossy accents bottle, I usually just stick a pin in before I use it, never thought to keep the pin in it!!

  8. I've had pins to rust doing this so I stopped doing it and just clear out my nozzle each time...:) Guess I didn't use mine on a regular enough basis!

  9. Thanks for the tip! I have had the same problem, and I do use my glossy accents quite often.

  10. Hi Kate - I have been using a pin in my glossy accents for a while now down here in Oz. I have learnt to use a good quality pin and found that stainless steel pins work well. Cheers Kel

  11. Hi Kate!

    I use pins in all my bottles! It prevents mine from clogging and they are always ready to use!

  12. Hello ladies -
    Thanks for all the feedback and tips of your own! I appreciate it!


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