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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday: Fork Bows

It may seem like Monday if you were able to celebrate with the long weekend, but it is Tuesday and time for another Quick Tip.
My title says Fork Bows - the directions for making those tiny bows can be found all over the internet - that's how I found them.  However, I decided to adapt the idea, so today I'm sharing how to make HAIR LIFT bows!  I wanted to see if I could make a variety of sizes rather than just the tiny ones you  make using the tines of a fork.  I was scouting around Dollar Tree and, ah-ha! Hair Lift Combs -  some hair lift combs have up to 12 tines which could allow for several size options. Hmmmmmmm?  So I decided to try one out.
Here's the comb.  I used a narrow satin ribbon, a little wider organza, and then Scrapper's  Spools which can be difficult to tie into a bow.
First, fold a length of ribbon and loop it around the tines - I'm using 6 tines for this bow.
Take the end from the back, bring it over the front and down between the middle tines.
Take the front end back up and over the back end and then down between the same middle tines - both ends will be to the back now - one above the loops, one below.  I found I had to be careful not to pull too much or the plastic tines would squeeze together.
Turn the Hair Lift over and tie the two ends - again, don't pull too tightly.  Slip the bow off and trim the ends.
Here are the bows using different numbers of tines (must be an even number) for each.
For even wider loops, you could use the entire Lift, taking the ends between the 6th and 7th tines.
I'm pretty good at making larger bows, but this method sure helps with those smaller bows and/or thinner fibers.
Until next week
Hugs and Happy Crafting,
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  1. This is so neat!!!! Never would have thought to used a hair pick....awesome idea....and thank you for sharing....now I'm off to the dollar store to buy a pick....

  2. Great technique and tips. TFS!

  3. Great tutorial. Bows are so difficult to make.

  4. Definitely will be trying this. Very cool idea. TFS

  5. how amazingly easy this is. thanks for sharing and the pics.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've seen the fork bows and people who get the bow easy, but I didn't want to spend money on something I may not use that often. This, however, is something I think we have in the house! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  7. What a great idea!! I make fork bows, but sometimes they are too small. This way, they can be whatever size I need! Thanks for sharing!!!


  8. Great idea! Thanks for solving this problem for many of us. I'm off to find a hair lift comb.

  9. What a great idea...and fab bows.

    I have to give this one a try.



  10. Oh my gosh!!! I was just lamenting about the fact that I cannot get ribbon to look nice on anything I make! Thank you for the great trick! I am with Gloria, off to buy myself a comb!!!

  11. Great idea. I tried it with a dinner fork but the bow was just too small. This would be much nicer and bigger.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Terrific idea! Will need to try that. TFS!--Pat N.

  13. I was thinking about buying a bow-easy but you just saved me some $!!! I have a curly top child, so of course we have hair picks in all shapes and sizes! Thanks for this super tip!

  14. Thanks Larelyn for sharing this great tutorial! Lovely bows!

  15. What a great trick! I will have to go buy one of those combs.

  16. WOW! What a great tip! I am going to save this one in my favorites!

    Roberta @ The papercrafting League

  17. Oh wow what a great tip, I have one of those peg bow makers which works great but this can make much smaller bows.
    Kim xXx

  18. Thank you! I just made the cutest bow ever! Really easy and I think everyone from the 70's has a hair lift. Totally awesome!

  19. I'm so terrible at doing bows. This is great, Now where is that wide toothed comb???


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