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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Winners #72

Hi Fantabulous Cricut followers,

Summer is full on right now and so is the heat and along with that... the bugs! Just the other day my hubby and were sitting outside and we were looking at our only tree in our very small backyard and on all the tips of the branches sat a dragonfly at the end of almost every single branch!!! It was completely amazing! I have never seen anything like that before and I took it was a sign of good luck. :0) Now, I'm not a huge bug fan, but I do love certain ones - especially my Cricut! LOL No, really though, I do like ladybugs (although I've heard they do, in fact, bite), I love caterpillars, you know... the normal cute ones. :0) Now when we talk about those ones with more than four legs... Uh Uh. No Siree, not for me! I guess (technically) they are not "bugs", but I still think of spiders and centipedes and that type of creature as a bug. Eeewww! On a different note, there is one bug I really, really love (besides my Cricut) ;) and that is the lightning bug, or as I call it, firefly. We don't have them in Colorado (at least not that I'm aware of) and the only time I ever remember seeing them was when I was a little kid, visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Chicago. I remember sitting outside under this HUGE tree with a tire swing hung from it on a warm summer evening and I saw my first "fireflies" . They were magical to me. In fact, that whole memory was. :0) Well, that was a lonnnnnnnnng time ago, but I hope I get to see some more again someday soon. Every summer night sky should have fireflies/lighting bugs.

Now then, onto our project for last week. If you are wondering why I'm chatting so much about bugs, it's because last week's project was "Let's Get Buggy". Our DT and followers took off with that theme and got jiggy with it! Let's take a look at what they came up with HERE. As always, there were lots of amazing entries in our challenge and it was hard to pick, but we did come up with our top 5 and our random winner! Let's find out who they are...

~This Weeks Winner~
(Randomly Picked)
Fresh Goods Collection from Pebbles, Inc.

Congratulations Jenny!!!
To claim your prize please contact Marlene at...
hearts0314 @ msn . com (remove spaces)
You have two weeks to claim your prize.
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~Design Team Top 5~

Congratulations Ladies!!!
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Thank you to all those who participated in our challenge!
Come join us for this weeks "Piece of Cake" challenge - Here.
Create a project with a cupcake or another baked good.

XO ~ Amy Jo
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  1. Congrats Jenny and all the other winners!!
    Also, I am excited to be in the top 5 too:) Love your challenges, thanks again!!
    Sherrie K

  2. So cool!! Thanks for picking my butterfly for top 5!! :)

    Cheryl @ CardsbyCG.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks to all of you for choosing my card for the top 5! I love all your challenges, they inspire me!


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