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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Too Many Distress Ink Pads?

Hello everybody and welcome back to another Quick Tip Tuesday! Today I really do have a quick tip to share with you!  If you're like me, you got one Tim Holtz distress ink pad and you were hooked! After getting more and more, my obsession collection looked like this! 
So, my quick tip is to label them! Quick, easy, and efficient! 
Thanks again for stopping by and I'll be here next Tuesday with another quick tip! 


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  1. You can NEVER have too many Distress ink pads! LOL! I labled mine just as you and it really makes it easier to grab the right one. Have a great day!

  2. Yep, that's what I do as well. And I keep the ink pad stored right behind each case so that I don't have to look for a match or use a new one.
    Mine aren't nicely typed like yours, though :).

  3. I did the same thing with my ink pads. I also added a little of the ink color to the label so I could see what the color looked like. Now it is so easy to grab the right color. I also put the sponge pad I use for each color on the bootom of the ink pad. Just add a little sticky tape to the bottom and the sponge pad is removable and can be put back for the next use. Regina

  4. Great idea to label the TH Distress Ink Pads. Yah I'm hooked On TH Distress Ink pads. I'll be labeling mine like this. I also keep the ink blending foam in a snack size Ziploc bag with name of ink on the Ziploc written with a Sharpie so I can reuse the foam over & over for the color.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  5. I did the same thing with mine but I also put a little of the color on the label so I could see at a glance what color is was. I also put a strip of ATG on the bottom of each stamp pad and then put my little sponge pad on the bottom for next time. Regina

  6. Awesome tip-that's how I have them too:)
    Sherrie K


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