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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30 Ideas For Using Baker’s Twine

Hello fantabulous readers! This is Cyndy with another Quick Tip! Last week's Quick Tip gave us ideas on how to adhere twine (see it here). This week's tips (and pictures) come from Paper Crafter's Corner.  

30 Ideas for Using Baker's Twine

1. Notch” the side of your page to keep twine in place.
2. Use twine as the string to your stamped or diecut balloon.
3. Wrap it tightly around a piece of cardstock and place it behind a diecut for a cool peekaboo effect. 
4. Use twine as a “laundry line” and add fun embellishments on the “line.”  
5. Use glue to “write” with twine.    
6. Simply wrap it around a diecut on your page.
7. Create a trendy starburst design with twine.
8. Crochet with twine. Link to see tips 5-8 in action.

9. Use twine as “journaling lines.”
10. Attach twine with tiny attacher or washi tape.
11. Simply sew twine through a button.
12. Create a Pom-Pom with twine! Link to see tips 9-12 in action.
13. Twine the Spine of a mini book.
14. Twist it into a “lollipop” on your page.

15. Add “bacon” to your page (really looks like bacon!)
16. Use twine as markers on a map.
17. Add a “plaid” background to a card or layout.
18. Make tiny drinking straws in a lemonade image.
19. Outline clouds to add dimension.
20. Use green twine and create “grass” and use buttons as flowers.
21. Use multiple colors of twine as rays of a rainbow. Link to see tips 13-21 in action.
22. Make curlique “ribbon” from twine. Link
23. As a cowboy’s “lasso.” Link
24. As a “watermelon.”
25. Twine as a rocket or airplane trail. 
26. Create a simple border around your page.
27. Cover (wrap) a flexible wire with twine and then create a shape with it.
28. Stitch the twine into a shape, like a heart.
29. Stitch the twine through the holes of a doily.
30. Stitch the twine to outline the petals of a flower. Link to see tips 26-30 in action.

I hope these ideas were helpful to you as they were to me! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to see the Wednesday Winners! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing these fun ideas

  2. Wow! One design is more fabulous than the next!!! I love this.

  3. wow this is fabulous!!! thank you so much for putting this together! i love them and can't wait to try them!

  4. Wonderful twine ideas I've not thought of before. The pilot in me especially likes the one with the plane.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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