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Monday, April 1, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday

Hey there guys! Are you ready for another helpful quick tip today? 
Have you ever gone through your Cricut handbooks and found a couple that might work out great for your project IF... this was a little different or that didn't look so, uh, well... strange! Come on guys, let's use our imaginations with a little help with our own two little hands and a simple pair of scissors.

Here's my example:
Did you see my Pirate Joke card from yesterdays Cricut Crawl? If not, check it out HERE. Go ahead, we'll wait for you! 
See, I told you we'd wait! As you read, I was going for that 'Jack Sparrow" look. But the original pirate image from Paper Doll Dress Up looked like this:

Cute little guy but definitely NOT Jack Sparrow, right? 
So here's my tip - If something's not quite right, change it up yourself!
For my pirate, I picked another hair style from the same cart. It was the lady vampire:
I took my scissors, made long cuts up through his hair, roughed up the cuts, and trimmed down his mustache. I even hand cut a bandanna for him to wear around his head and under his hat! 

Still lacking the whole Jack Sparrow vibe but he did turn out a little closer than the original image above, don't you think so? So don't be intimidated by what you think you can't do to your Cricut images! We are all artists in our own way and you'll be surprised by what you can do once you get started! 
Take a look at this incredible lady's blog. Her name is Nadia and although she always used her Cricut, she also makes alterations here and there just to enhance her pieces - all with just a pair of scissors!
Click here - With Glittering Eyes - to see some of her "alterations!"

Thanks for dropping by and please come back tomorrow to check out our Wednesdays Winners!
Until Next time, Happy Crafting,


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  1. What a great way to customize your cut! I need to think more "outside the box"

    Nadia at With Glittering Eyes is such a talent with her customization of cuts.


  2. Brilliant! We sometimes forget to "think outside the Cricut cart":-)

    ~Tammy S

  3. Captain Jack Sparrow says you'll not be walking the plank with this change/makeover. Most know I'm a Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow fan and if you have not visited my blog please do so & ck out my blog sidebar on right to see the wonderful sketches & artwork my daughter had created of JD as CJS for me. I'll be posting the latest she created for me for Easter this yr.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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