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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quick Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, Cricut Crafters!!!  Emily here with another Quick Tip Tuesday!

Today I wanted to go over another one of my favorite features of the Cricut - Center Point.

I am in the middle of a project right now, and this feature is the only reason it's possible.  
Whenever you need to cut an image - for me it's mostly shapes - and you need it to be around a specific area of the paper this is the feature to use.  

I will give you an example: if you have a circle sentiment stamp, but don't own a circle punch, stamp your paper/cardstock and place it on your mat, load your mat into the machine and move your blade until you feel you are right in the middle of your stamped paper.  Set your size to however big the circle stamp is, press the Center Point button and then select your circle image from whatever cartridge you are using.  It will cut around your circle stamp just as if you used a circle punch!  Now, you may need to try it a few times to get it exactly right, but once you play around with it, it gets easier to gauge where the center point is - trust me :)

You can use this with pictures, if you want to cut around a specific part of the pic, or even a section of pattern paper.  I really do find this feature to be extremely useful...but once again, you may need to practice a bit to get the hang of it!

Have a Fabulous Week!!!
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  1. If possible when using this feature, I turn the paper over & mark the center point with a small dot. This makes lining up the needle easier.
    Donna K U

  2. Awesome tip!!! I have never thought of that! Thanks so much for adding that on to this post!!!


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  4. I'm going to practice this ... thanks for the tip.

  5. oh what a great tip!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a Cricut Expression for my birthday, so I am so excited to find this! Thanks so much...


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