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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday: Hex Edit

Welcome to Quick Tip Tuesday!  Today's tip is more for our international readers (like me!) but will be useful for all to know about, especially if you share files.
As dates are written in different formats around the world, there can be issues when files have been created AFTER the 12th day of each month.  Say, for example, a file was written today.  The date shows up as 01/18/11.  However, other countries use a day/month/year format.  As such, our computers don't know what to do with the 18 as there is no 18th month and a file will not open due to what is perceived as an error.

There is a quick and simple solution to this issue.  HexEdit is a free software download from the Physics Department at Ohio State University.  A page to the download is available here.  Be sure to save the file to your computer for future use.  I have used HexEdit for years and have never had an issue with it.

Once the file has downloaded, run it.  Then open the saved .cut file with which you are having issues.  (I have never had an issue with a .gypsy file and am not actually sure if this would also be a problem.)  Using your tab key, move the cursor to the far right column.  Find the area for the date (see red area on picture below) and move there with the arrow keys on your keyboard.  Change the date so that it corresponds with the format for your country.  (It does not even have to be the "correct" date.  Just be sure that the date has passed though.  You'll have problems if you enter a date in the future.  I usually just change the number of the month.)  Once you have changed the date, save the file (overriding the previous one with the same name.  You should then be able to open the file and enjoy some new cuts!
  I hope this will help you use files that you have been unable to use.  Happy crafting!

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