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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Scrappin' Saturday :O)

Howdy Friends!!! Hope everyone is off to a great first week of the New Year! It is certainly nice to be back on schedule around here! So, I was thrilled when I saw the comments on my first Scrappin' Saturday post for the sketch - I thought I'd try my hand at yet another one! I am inspired by so many things and my brain sometimes gets on overload. When that happens, I find a sketch to look at and work from there.
A couple of you asked for some tips as beginning scrapbookers on using sketches. My biggest piece of advice is this: IT IS OKAY TO COPY THE LAYOUT OF THE SKETCH DIRECTLY!!! I find that I typically follow a sketch pretty much exactly the way the designer made it. I mean, they've done the hard part right? Why re-invent the page when it is staring right at you?? So, I say go ahead and use what is in front of you and make it your own with your paper, embellishment, title, and journalling choices.
My second piece of advice is: DO NOT - under ANY circumstances!! - feel bad about what you created from a sketch if you happen to see other people's work! I know, I know - you are saying right now, "But Jennifer - I can't help myself! I see what others are doing and I HAVE to start over!!" STOP - Put down the adhesive! It is one thing to want to tweek your page because you feel something is missing or not right, and it is a whole 'nother ballgame when you compare yourself! Breathe through it - I promise you'll be okay!
My last piece of advice is: Challenge yourself to try something new next time! If you are inspired by what you see out there go ahead and try it! Ask the person for any tips on what they found that worked or didn't work. I find trying just one new thing every month really brings out creativity I didn't realize that was rolling around up there!
Okie dokie - enough rambling! Here is the sketch I created in honor of this week's Challenge Me Monday - using snowflakes on a project:
Here is my example:

We don't get much snow here in our part of Texas - so this was a pretty big event for us in 2009! Cartridge used for title is Lyrical Letters.

So, if you are inspired to use the sketch this week - please leave a comment and link to your blog and I'll come check it out! I'd love to see what you did!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!


  1. love your layout. plan on giving it a try.

  2. Great sketch Jennifer. I love the mixed fonts and the baker's twine across the top. Clever journaling placement.

  3. Super job with the sketch - and such great advice too!

  4. Love sketches! Yours are awesome!

  5. Oh lovely sketch and you did a super job, thanks so much I must get my stuff out and do some. It's very ture something new each month is a good idea.
    Fi xx

  6. Really wonderful advice. So many of us have a hard time when we look at other people's work and compare. It can put you into a totally negative place and make you want to give up, but it shouldn't be a competition. It should be about creating something your own that makes you happy. TFS!
    XO ~ Amy Jo
    amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

  7. great job!
    soon i will follow a sketch step by step too, ;p

  8. Great LO! Good advice - I've been doing this awhile & I still feel like things could have been better when I see what others create.


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