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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday

Hello, it's Angie again from Angie's Paper Passion with another quick tip. Do you remember when you got your first Cricut and then started buying cartridges for it? I sure do! I started out with the 'Baby' Cricut which only had the George cart and over the next several months I bought a few more. No problem - they looked so neat and pretty sitting in their boxes on my shelf. When I had over 15 carts, I thought that was a lot! But then I remember reading posts on the Cricut message boards about people forgetting which carts they had, buying duplicates, and storage problems. What?!?! How many did these people have?!?! I was shocked! Well, many years and Cricut machines later.... let's just say that those people I had read about years ago don't seem so ridiculous to me now, lol! I never thought that I would ever take my carts out of their precious little boxes but I had run out of shelf space! Do you ever wonder what to do with your overflowing cart stash? Well, these suggestions may help.
<I can not take credit for any of these ideas but I will share the sites where I got the ideas from.>

After the boxes started taking over my craft room, I used this to store my carts.
You can find the directions to make this yourself HERE.

It's just one of those ribbon storage containers that I got at JoAnn's. There is another larger compartment that I kept my overlays and handbooks in and that part snapped onto the bottom of the smaller compartment above. (Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of that part)

This is the inside where the carts are stored and it's simply made from that plastic craft mesh.
But then I outgrew that system and went to the one below and so far these boxes are working!

These are called Really Useful Storage Boxes and I have found them at many office stores. This is the 4L size and I have two that are filled. (Would need more if it weren't for the new digital carts that are now available, lol)
Not only can you store a lot of carts this way but they are clearly labeled AND...

if I take one out and don't put it back right away, when I check later I'll immediately know what is missing and where it goes! How perfect is that?
Here's the LINK for the directions make this one. She also has a video about it HERE.
But there's so many posts on Okie's blog about storage and organizing in her craft room so check out her blog!

Now that you have all of those carts organized, you also need a way to keep track of them! There is an app for that! The Cartridge Checklist is in the Apple App Store and there's a Cricut Cart Checklist from Joy's Life. She has every cart listed - you just click on the link, check off your carts on her list and print!

I hope these tips and links will help with your Cricut Cart storage solution!

Please stop by tomorrow and check out the Wednesday's Winners!
Until next time, Happy Crafting!


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