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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday

It's Angie here from Angie's Paper Passion. I'm so sorry that I am posting so late everyone! After the long Memorial Day weekend I really had my days mixed up! It's so hard to start up the week again after a long, wonderful holiday weekend! 

Do you struggle with packing for a crop? I do! I always feel that if I leave something at home then THAT item will be the one that I will REALLY need to be able to finish ANY of my projects although I have 100 other items that I brought with me but, I will admit, I won't even touch them while I'm at the crop! Sound familiar? Well. I have a quick tip that may help you prepare for your crops or even when you're just at home.

Now, before I pack for a crop, I first determine what I want (or need) to work on - layouts, cards, or any particular project. Believe me, when this step has been done, you have won half the battle already! 

Now, decide what other items you may need to complete each project. For example: cardstock, paper, ribbon, buttons, die cuts, flowers, bling, etc. 

If you are adding Cricut die cuts to one or more of your projects, you can make this easy in one of two ways. First, die cut all of your images from your Cricut ahead of time or, if you are planning to take your Cricut with you anyway, save time by using Cricut Craft Room to plan out what images that you plan to cut and when you get to your destination and start cropping, just open up CCR, put your paper in the machine and cut! Very Simple!

Now that you have everything together for each project, all you need to do is pack each project separately. I found these bags made by Hefty at my local Walmart and they are very inexpensive especially since you can recycle them and use them over and over again! 

These are wonderful for packing for a crop! Make sure that you purchase the JUMBO size which contain 12 zip-lock bags. Since they are 14 3/8"x 16" they are large enough for your 12x12 papers and most everything else you'll need to put in there.

Now you have different "Kits" that you can go to and find everything that you need in one place! 
I don't put everything that I need for a particular project in my Kit like ink pads, adhesive, etc. Those will still stay in my tool bag. You can also take a few extra pieces for each Kit just in case something goes wrong and you need an extra button or another sheet or two of paper but having just what you need keeps the creating process pretty simple instead of overwhelming with too many items to choose from! Plus it makes it much easier to carry your crop bags & totes when you haven't packed up EVERYTHING plus the kitchen sink!
You can also use this tip at home. Place the items for different projects in separate bags then when you have just a little time to crop just grab one of your kits and start! You can get creative sooner without having to go around your crafting area looking for everything that you need!
I hope this quick tip helps you to get ready for all of those fun and creative crops that are in your future!

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  1. I have never been to a crop (always scrapbook at home), but I like the idea of getting all the cutouts ready first and separating them with ziplocks - might be more productive!


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