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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday

Hello to all of you Crafty Cricuteers! It's Angie from Angie's Paper Passion with a quick tip about Cricut handbooks. Personally I love looking at my handbooks while I am crafting with my Cricut but I don't like hauling them all out every time. So I have found that this tip works for me. Since I have my laptop out when I craft I can always go to the Cricut.com Image Library, find a cart, click on Details, and then on Digital Handbook.
But I have found a blog that has done all the work for me! Paulette from Around The Block with Scrapalette has created a page on her blog that has a complete list of every cart and all you need to do is click on the one you want to see the entire handbook. You can see her Cricut Cart Library here! I even put the link on my phone's home screen ~ now I can get to any handbook quickly, 
even if I'm out!
I have also downloaded an app to my phone called iBooks that I'm using just for my Cricut carts that I don't have the handbooks for ~ like the digital carts and files that I've purchased. It's easy to add the handbooks, too, just by opening a handbook in your phones web browser and then save it to your iBooks
Now it's very easy to see the Cricut handbooks that I want to look at. 
I hope that you find this tip helpful, too! Comment below and let me know how you like to keep your handbooks! Do you like to keep them handy or do you hardly ever pull them out!

Don't forget that the FCCB Vinyl University will take place in September. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn something new each day on how to use various types of vinyl cut with the Cricut machine. Click HERE for more details.
Please check back tomorrow for the "Cool Treats" Wednesday Winners!
Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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  1. I have all of my handbooks downloaded to my Galaxy tablet. The ones that do not download well like some of the trifolds I keep filed with my overlays so I can get to them easily. I do prefer to look through the real thing but just do not have room to keep them filed with the overlays anymore.

  2. Thank you for those resources-I'm off to bookmark Paulette!

  3. Thank you for this info. I quickly put the icon to Scrapalette's blog on my iPhone.

  4. Thanks for the Fantabulous tip!! I just found this blog, and I'm so excited to check out! I will also be checking out Paulette's cricut library very soon.


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