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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Tutorial - Story Vids with Cricut

Hello everyone, JoNeita from Create with JoNeita, with this weeks Thursday Tutorial.  I found this wonderful story vid, about three girls on a camping trip.  It uses the Paper Dolls Teen Scene and the Campin' Critters Cricut Cartridges. 

I'm sure you are saying, what in the world is a story vid and what can I do with one.  A story vid is a short video made with a series of still images.  Some have sound as well, though this one does not, it only has subtitles.
So what can you do with a story vid?  I instantly thought, what a great project to do with my 5 year old once he begins to learn to read.  We could create a story, cut all the scenes and characters, put them together in a mini album, then finish it up by recording us reading it together and putting everything in Windows Movie Maker.  Then we would have a book to read and a story vid to share with all our friends. 

I can also see how this could be a fun project to send to someone who lives far away.  You could make a story vid to say happy birthday, miss you, thank you, or just because.  From a former history teacher, this would be a great method to use for a class project.  I would have been super impressed if one of my students presented their information in this format.

There are so many ways that would make this a great tool.  I will also say, if you have never used Movie Maker, it's pretty easy and you can find you tube tutorials that will walk you through the process.  If you don't like Movie Maker you could use Roxio, IMovie, or any other video editing program. 

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. You made a nice video. I like your camping story and the way how these girls go for sleep. :)


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