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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Tutorials - Downloading Cricut Handbooks

Hello all, JoNeita from Create with JoNeita here with a video tutorial.  I find that I need to look through my cartridge handbooks a lot when I am deciding what images I want to use.  I found this great video that shows how to download the handbooks to the cartridges that I own from the Provo Craft website.  This video, that I found on the Simple iPad Tips website, shows how you can then add the handbooks to your iPhone or iPad. 

I love the idea of adding the handbooks to my iPhone, as it would be a great way to know which cartridges that I already own, when I am shopping.  Also, once they were downloaded on my laptop, it was really easy to side load them onto my nook.  This has been useful, as now I can plan my next project when I am waiting in line to pick up my son from kindergarten.  It's so easy, since it is all right there together. 

I also want to point everyone to FCCB design team member, Jilliene at Jilliene Designing.  She has a blog post where she had linked almost all of the cartridges, just updated in September 2013.  Using her post, I was able to download almost all of my handbooks really quickly. 

I hope you find this a useful tip and spend some time getting organized.

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Thanks for this wonderful information! Thank you, Jilliene for doing all the hard work for us!

  2. Thanks! great tip for digital cartridges


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