Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Tutorial 11/21

Welcome to Thursday Tutorial! Today I'm sharing a video I made about the Jo-Ann's Exclusive Cricut cartridge Edge to Edge. If you don't have this cartridge yet, or even if you do, I have hints on how to cut these images!

There are some beautiful overlays you can use in cards, scrapbooks, home decor-the possibilities are endless!

Here is a picture of the images you'll find-(this is how they will look in CCR). Images are from Scrapalette.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I have this cartridge but it is set aside until Christmas. Thanks for the video. What speed and pressure did you find worked well. Thanks

  2. On really thin paper, I used the lowest speed setting there is, about a 2-3 for pressure, and 3-4 for blade depth. This is a starting point-everyone has a stash of paper they don't use (icky color or pattern), so do a test run on a similar weight paper to find the perfect combination.

  3. Whoa I think I just found Disneyland for Cricut, cause boy howdy I wanna ride ALL of the rides. And I'm like a kid in a candy store I just wanna see everything. I hope you know that I am following and Liked your wonderful blog. Thank God I don't have to stand in those long lines just to ride hahaha 😁 But I did run into a small problem this tutorial on the Edge to Edge cartridge, the link to YouTube won't execute. I have tried several times and tried several ways and I am not having any luck at viewing the tutorial. So can I ask what is your Channel name so I can look you up on YouTube and watch it there. I must admit I am as excited as a kid here and very well could be looking for many days and late nights with my good buddy Starbucks LOL 😀. Thank you from the bottom of my Southern Texas heart for all your hard work and dedication it takes to have such a wonderful blog as yours. Thank you very much !!!
    Hugs from Texas
    "Happy Crafting"
    Dianne = KooKooforCards on YouTube


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