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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fantabulous Friday #31

Good morning everyone!
It's another FANTABULOUS FRIDAY!!!! This is Melin your new "Girl Friday" As part of our Fun here on FCCB, each Friday I will be "Exploring" a cartridge. I will showcase some of the wonderful cuts and or cutting files that we can use to make some FANTABULOUS projects.
So without further adieu...this weeks lucky cartridge is....
Mr. Classmate himself....
50 States
Yes, this studious little cartridge has been around for quite some time. I must admit, if he had been released this year with all the other TONS of Cartridges, he probably would have been "kicked to the curb". He was definitely marketed to the education community. And the packaging made it a little hard to think beyond the 50 states shapes, flags and the educational needs he would meet.
BUT...if you look beyond all that, he has some little gems stored within the "prongs" of his case.
Today I am not focusing on anything but the FLOWERS! Yep that's right....the FLOWERS. So here are a few...not 50, just a few flowers I was able to come up with by working with this little fellow.
The Yellow Flower ~Tutorial HERE

This is the "Kansas" Flower on Page 28.I cut him in 4 different layers and at 4 different sizes. I then cut "slits" to make the individual petals. I then "Fluffed" the petals up to give it the dimension.This flower looks a bit like a Carnation or it could be a sunflower.

The Pink Flower ~Tutorial HERE

This is the "North Dakota" flower on page 46. I cut this flower in 4 layers in 3 different sizes. I cut "slits" so the petals would be a little more loose. To me this one looks like a rose.

The Purple Rolled Flower ~Tutorial HERE

This is the "Ohio" flower on page 47. After cutting this flower out, I cut a slit to "open" up the flower. I then glimmer misted it and rolled it. These are much like all the other "rolled" or "lollipop" flowers that have been floating around the net most of this summer....Who knew...they were tucked away all this time in our little cartridge :-)

The Red Flower

This is the "IOWA" flower on page 27 and the center set is the "North Dakota" one. For this one I did use my Gypsy to "hide" the center cutout. But I think you could still achieve this look without doing that. I did, once again, cut the petals "loose" so they would have more play. After glimmer misting, I waited until it was just about dry to "shape and sculpt" the petals. This is just a matter of sitting down and playing with the petals until they look the way you want them to. Crazy thing is: once the glimmer mist is completely dry, the paper gets pretty hard and so these flowers keep their shape really well.

The Orange Flower

This is the "Maryland" flower found on page 32. I cut out the flower option that had two cut at the same time, one with a circle cut out and one without. I then once again cut "slits" so the petals would be loose. I then staggered the layers starting with one that had a hole so that the top layer would be a solid. I then curled the petals just before they were dry.

The Teal Flower

This last beauty is the "North Carolina" flower found on page 45. For this one, I simply cut 3 flowers two at 6" and one at 5". I then glimmer misted and then layered them by "mirroring" them. I then "shaped" the flowers just before the petals were dry to give it dimension. I finally layered the 3 centers and "fluffed" them and added a touch of sparkle to it.

Yep...that's right, all these beauties were created with the 50 States Cartridge. I don't have them on any projects yet, but they are now a part of my flower stash and ready to go at a moments notice :-)
For more details including some step by step pics of how I did some of these flowers, please hop over to my blog. Who knows, there just may be an extra something there for you :-)
My blog link is: HERE.
Thank you for joining me today! I hope you were inspired to make a whole bunch of "pretties"
Have a Fantabulous Friday!

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  1. This is really neat. Thanks for the information.

  2. Wow!! These flowers are gorgeous...great job going beyond the ordinary with 50 States!! TFS!

    ~Sharon C.

  3. Your flowers are so pretty! I've yet to make any of these layered flowers, but will pop over to your blog to check it out. 50 states is a wonderful cart. I have used it for school projects for my kids, but it's also wonderful to use on layouts if you're traveling to different states and also the collection of birds on this cart is super! Thanks for sharing your project with us!

  4. These are awesome Melin! You are doing such an amazing job on Fantabulous Friday...looking forward to seeing what you'll be coming up with next! :)


  5. I didn't think I would have any use for this cartridge - Boy was I mistaken! This is a great cartridge!!

  6. Your flowers are fantastic! Being Canadian, I would never consider buying 50 States but now you've got me thinking, "hmmmmmmmm".

  7. Awesome job Melin!!! I don't have this cartridge, but when I think of 50 states, I don't think flowers! TFS:)
    ~Madison www.funkycards.blogspot.com

  8. Really clever, I have not done much with this cartridge lately. I'll have to dust it off and relook at it.

  9. Never thought I wanted this cartridge...until now!!! Wow on those flowers!!

  10. You turn these ordinary flowers into extraordinary flowers - wonderful!

  11. Just found your blog and I LOVE it!
    I have the 50 state cartridge and had no idea you could make such beautiful flowers with it.

    Thanks so much for this post and the wonderful pictures.

    I'm your newest follower.



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