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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick Tip Tuesday: Using New Mats

Welcome to Quick Tip Tuesday!  A couple of weeks ago, the topic was all about mat use and extending the use of mats.  However, there always comes a time when mats really do need to be replaced.  I have found it a good idea, though, to keep an older mat on hand before it’s really done for.  The reason?  New mats can be quite sticky and work best with heavier paper or cardstock.  If you have just replaced your mat and are hoping to cut some thinner patterned paper, you might find that the paper doesn’t lift off the mat and could even rip in the process.  By saving an older mat, you can “work in” your new mat before trying to cut thinner sheets of paper.  If all you have is a brand new mat though, you can gently rub an old t-shirt over the mat to help it lose some of its stickiness.
Happy crafting!
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  1. Thanks for the tip, I have had this problem before.

  2. Honestly.. I just had this problem over the weekend at a crop. The new mats are great.. but so true about it being actually tooo sticky.. You def. have to use heavier cardstock and I had saved an old mat thank goodness becuz I did need to cut some thinner papers. The little round provocraft spatula does help to get the "new paper stickies" off mat pretty well too.

  3. Thanks for the tip. Have you used the new Imagine mats? They are supposed to work in all machines and they claim to have worked on the adhesive problem. Would like to know if anyones tried them.

  4. No, I have not tried them - and did not know about the adhesive problem being worked on with them either. I'm curious to hear some feedback on this as well! Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Great tip about using an old t-shirt to remove the extra stickiness!


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