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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick Tip Tuesday: Cricut Cartridges

Welcome to Quick Tip Tuesday!  Today we will be discussing the types of Cricut cartridges.  There are a variety of Cricut cartridges on the market which are suitable for different needs and budgets.

Font cartridges contain the entire alphabet, along with numbers and various types of punctuation.  Often, these cartridges will contain shapes and word art as well.
Shape cartridges focus on a variety of shapes along a specific theme.  At times, these cartridges will also contain a font and word art.
Classmate cartridges are perfect for school-related projects and displays.  These cartridges have school themes and were specifically designed with classrooms in mind.  However, these cartridges are not limited to school use.
Licensed cartridges are cartridges containing characters and/or images with a registered trademark, such as Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, and Hello Kitty, etc.
Solutions cartridges contain a limited number of designs and features but are also priced more inexpensively than other cartridges.  These cartridges are packaged without a storage binder or booklet.
Seasonal cartridges are limited edition cartridges which contain 50 images per cartridge.  These cartridges are available until initial production is depleted.  Although these cartridges do not contain creative features, they may include some special additions such as three-dimensional shapes.  Like the Solutions cartridges, Seasonal cartridges are packaged without a storage binder or booklet.
Lite cartridges are available exclusively at Wal-Mart.  Each cartridge has 200 images, which include creative features, as well as layering and shadow images.
Cake cartridges provide a number of options along a variety of themes geared toward cake decorating.
Imagine cartridges work differently than the cartridges created for the original Cricut, Expression, and Cricut Create.  Imagine Cartridges contain icons and layered images, as well as colour palettes and patterns.
To the best of my knowledge, cartridges are interchangeable within the different Cricut machines.  However, some features may not be available when cartridges are used in machines other than the ones for which they were originally intended.
Happy crafting!

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  1. I thought I heard someone in the Provo Craft booth at CHA (on a video) that the imagine cartridges can't be used in a regular chricut. Have you heard differently?

  2. I'm new to the world of Cricut and I'm loving it. I do mainly card making and am pleased with any advice on offer. I'm interested in cartridges with shapes and flowers is there a good place to look?,Thanks for the advice,Julie.x

  3. Julie,
    I really like the Caligraphy catridge for sophistocated card making. It has a lovely font with several different style options, many phrases that would be appropriate for cards and some elegant shapes as well (including a few flowers, leaves, and swirls). It also has an envelope and a card with a window.

    If you're looking for something more cutesie, Stretch your imagination has several different holiday and seasonal shapes and window cards. It also has a few flowers, but they are more of a fun cartoonish style. It does not have a font and only a couple of season words.

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies.
    Jessica - I had read somewhere that Imagine cartridges will work in other machines for cutting the shapes, but that the other features won't work. I don't have an Imagine or any Imagine cartridges though, so haven't tried it out myself.
    Julie - I get my cartridges from eBay as I find that's the cheapest. You can go to Cricut.com to see the different cartridges and what they have to offer. As well, Cricutsearch.com allows you to enter a specific image name to see what cartridge(s) has/have that. Happy crafting!


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