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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday: Rolling Flowers

Hi everyone and welcome to another Quick Tip Tuesday! Today I have a quick tip for rolling flowers.

I love adding flowers to projects and the Flower Shoppe cartridge has so many beautiful cuts. Using a quilling tool you can quickly and easily create beautiful flowers for your projects.

I first saw this tip from Dayna Sabrina of Sabriolet Designs back in July. She has an excellent tutorial on the Flower Shoppe cartridge HERE. After viewing her tutorial, I purchased the quilling tool specifically to make these beautiful flowers.

To demonstrate, I cut a daisy at 4 1/2" from Flower Shoppe.
I like to ink the edges before I start rolling the flower. Position the quilling tool at the end and start rolling.
Once you've rolled the flower, add glue or tape (I like to use glue dots) to the bottom to secure the petals and there is your flower! Quick, easy and beautiful!
I hope this tip helps you! Thanks so much for stopping by today! Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for Wednesday's Winners!!

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  1. Great tutorial. I used to do a little quilling so had my toys to help and they do help. I love making flowers like these. So gorgeous and much cheaper than buying them all.

  2. Awesome quick tip Lisa! Love that tool-everyone needs one if they have that cartridge and love to make flowers:)
    Sherrie K

  3. Beautiful flower, I love the quilling tool tip... I might need to get one of those too :)

  4. The quilling tool is such a help. I need to play a little more with that cartridge. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Thank you for featuring "Flower Shoppe" I am waiting for it to be delivered to my home right now! Thanks for the tips! I have a quilling tool just waiting for this cart!

  6. Lisa,

    I just got this cart! It came in the mail today! So cool you had this little tutorial! So I see that the flower started out at 4 1/2" how big would you say the finished flower is? Thanks!


  7. Holy crap, mind blown! You roll them backward to what the manual says, and it's sooooooo much better!!!


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