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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday: Storing Twine

Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to Quick Tip Tuesday! My name is Lisa from A Mermaid's Crafts and I'm excited to be a new design team member! I will be posting the Tuesday Quick Tips for the next few weeks!

My tip today was born out of necessity. I love adding twine to my projects but I haven't gotten around to storing it properly. This is embarrassing, but here is my current twine storage:
Sad, huh?! All of it stuffed into a plastic bag. Each time I use it, I struggle to find the ends and it gets knotted easily. It's a mess. So in my search for a better storage plan, I remembered a notable tip from the July 12 Cricut Chirp. I saved the issue with the intention of organizing my twine. It only took me three months to get around to it :)
So I gathered some supplies and went to work. I used thick cardstock (the thicker the better) and punched tags with my Marvy Uchida punch. Cardboard would probably work better but I liked the idea of using the tag shape. I taped one end of the twine on the tag and wrapped it around and around. When I got to the end, I cut a small slit in the top corner of the tag and anchored the twine in place. I punched a hole with my crop-a-dile and threaded the tags through an o-ring clip. In just a few minutes I went from this:
To this:
Now I won't have to struggle each time I want to add twine to my cards. I found some other great storage ideas from The Twinery. Click HERE to see those options.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you will join us next week for another Quick Tip Tuesday!

Have a great day,

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  1. Cool! Thank you for the tip!

  2. Hi Lisa!! Great idea!!! And so inexpensive, LOVE it!!! TFS!!!

  3. Looks great! I store mine in those parmesan cheese dispenser and sugar dispensers I got at Dollar Tree. Works good and looks pretty on my shelf!

  4. This is a great idea, Lisa! Thanks for sharing. I'm posting a link to this on my blog.


  5. What a great idea and if I can hang something out in plain view I am more likely to remember to use it. You could also glue two or three pieces of thinner cardstock together to make it a little sturdier and easier to punch out.
    Thanks for sharing your great idea!

  6. THANK YOU!!! My twine is currently stuffed into a shoe box, all willy-nilly. Love this tip! :)

  7. Hi Lisa,
    So glad to have you on the team. Great idea - thank you. My twine collection is growing and this is a super way to organize and easy to take along to a crop.

  8. Ok, we must be sisters. My twine storage looks exactly like your old storage method!! LOL...well, you have inspired me and I am going to get that yummy twine straighted out. So tired of dealing with all the knots! THANKS!
    Cindy Porter

  9. Love it! I know I'm using this one :) TFS!!

  10. Great tip! I'm wondering if it would work for ribbon as well. I may just have to try it and see!

  11. great idea! I made something like this and made a card for each of my embossing folders, kinda like an example, now I need to do this for sure! Thanks!

  12. Thanks for the tip....now, if only I could take the time and/or find the time to do it, LOL!
    Thanks again-love the idea:)

    Sherrie K

  13. what a great tip...TFS

    mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com

  14. What a great tip Lisa! Not only does it look great and makes things easier but it looks like a fun crafty project to do as well! :)


  15. Great tip. I just ordered several colors of twine so this post comes at a perfect time. Thanks :)


  16. Fabulous idea! Just wanted to share another twine-storage option I came up with from my blog:

  17. Great idea Lisa. I always remember helping my mom do this with her embroidery thread.

  18. Welcome Lisa! Such a great tip! Thanks for sharing with us!


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