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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday: Storing Embossing Folders

Happy Tuesday, everyone and welcome to another Quick Tip Tuesday! Today I want to share with you a solution I found for storing embossing folders.
I have a slight problem with embossing folders in that when I see a new one, I have to have it! (Thank goodness for JoAnn, Michaels and Hobby Lobby coupons!) My collection started out small and I kept them in a box. I could rifle through and find the one I wanted pretty easily. But as my collection grew, I was having a hard time finding the folder I wanted to use, or even remembering what ones I had. I even purchased duplicates a couple of times! (Bad for me, good for my followers...giveaways!!)

In my search of a better way to store the folders, I found these C-Line 11 1/4 x 8 1/2 photo holders on Amazon.com:
Each sheet holds two 5 x 7 photos, perfect for A2 folders and even the larger 5 x 7 ones. The cost of one box is $11.99 and there are 50 sheets in a box. I put two of the smaller folders in each slot. You can find the photo holders HERE on Amazon.com.
I keep my collection in a binder so I can flip through and see what I have easily! I don't have much time to craft so anything I can do to speed things up helps tremendously.

I would love to hear your ideas on how you store embossing folders! Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you will join us next week for another Quick Tip Tuesday!

Have a great day,
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  1. What a great idea! I was just contemplating how to store mine this weekend. Info just in time. TFS.

    Be Blessed, Beckie

  2. This is an awesome idea Lisa. I so like that you can just flip through and see them. Mine are in boxes and its getting hard to know what I have.
    Great tip and I will be ordering these. Thanks

  3. I just did this exact same thing with my embossing folders, and it's made things so much easier. I can see what I have and actually use my folders rather than getting frustrated searching for the one I want!!

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  5. this is a great idea. you could also put an embossed sample in with the folder. I think i will use this storage method. tfs.

  6. A rectangle Kleenex box holds the A2 sized folders perfectly. Simple take an exacto knife and carefully cut away the top of the box (the part with the hole that the tissues come out of). I've taken most of my folders out of the packaging and labeled using address labels; however, for the smaller folders and edges/borders, you can leave them in the packages as they will still fit. There's even room to put the 5x7 folders along the side.

    Love the binder idea though, too! I tried this once before, but couldn't find big enough pages. I may have to try again!

    ~ JD ~

  7. Lisa I actually store my spellbinders, stamps this way too. I get these pockets from my husband he has a sports store his customers use the for autographs

  8. I was looking for a better system and I LOVE this...going to do this for sure! thanks for the great tip Lisa:)
    Sherrie K

  9. Great Idea. I don't like the way i have mine stored right now.

  10. great idea!!!!! I've been thinking of ways to store these better!


  11. What a great idea! I'm addicted to embossing folders too. Some of mine are in a tin purchased from Michaels. Inside, I made mini file folders which are labelled and embossed appropriately. The others are on a shelf as I'm out of room in my tin.

  12. This is a Fantabulous idea Lisa! I was looking for a good way to store mine... Right now they are just in a dresser drawer. :p I'm heading to Amazon to purchase one of these right away! :0)

    Amy Jo

  13. Great Idea Lisa, I have made a box for mine with little dividers with the name nad embossed with that folder. I think I like your idea much better and I am going to look into changing my system. Thanks my friend!
    Eva :0)


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