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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quick Tip Tuesday: Organization Your Stickles

This week I want to share a couple of great tips that I have found.This first tip comes from the BeaOrginal blog! Remember last weeks tip about the stickles? Well, this tip is a great follow up!
Here is what BeaOrginal had to say about this tip!
Attach a small magnet to the bottom of each glitter glue bottle. In a grid-like pattern attach the alternate side of the magnet to an old cookie sheet. Here’s a tip: use some masking or painter’s tape to create the grid on your cookie sheet. This way the glues will have plenty of space for you to see where each color is located. We recommend using hot glue or crazy glue to make sure that the magnets stick will to the under side of the glitter glue containers.
Grab someone handy and have them punch holes into either end of the cookie sheet, near the handles. Place ribbon through the holes and tie to the under side of a piece of furniture in your craft room (or if it is not possible to tie the tray, find a way to stabilize the tray underneath a shelf of some sort). Attach the glitter glue to each of the magnets. Voila! This fantastic storage idea for glitter glue is ready to go, and so is your glue!
If I only had the set up for this, I would do it in a heart beat! Be sure and visit BeaOrginal and share some love with them! 
Here are some other stickles storage ideas.
From Passionately Paper by Wende, she used plumbing parts. These pictured are 1/2 inch coupling, for the newer size (just released larger bottles) 3/4 inch coupling.

This tip comes from Card Creations By Lorraine. She used and egg carton to store her stickles and some extras inside the egg carton! She cut some holes in the egg carton with an exacto knife!
And last but not least this storage idea!

This idea comes from Tara at Creative Accents. Here's what Tara said on the blog:  So what we did was start with inserting an 8.5x11 sheet of black cardstock into the sign holder, then we attached strips of self adhesive black velcro (the loop part) across it. We then simply stuck pieces that were about .5" wide of velcro (the hook part) onto our bottles of stickles and stuck them on.

Just another quick add on to this. Robin sent me another idea and I had to get it up!

This idea comes from hope you like our idea,

Michelle from "Le grenier de la mère michelle"

I hope you enjoyed today's tip! I definitely plan to use at least one of these ideas in my craftroom, since I love stickles!

Thank you for joining me on another Quick Tip Tuesday, I will see you again next week!

Please be sure to come back tomorrow to check out our Wednesday Winners.

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  1. Great post Jamie!! I super duper love the first idea for storage and the velcro one.

    Be blessed, Beckie

  2. Thanks for the feature of my stickle storage. Enjoy this blog so much. Happy Crafting!!!!

  3. Great tips Thank you for sharing.

  4. Crud! I just "fixed" my Stickles last week and I wish I had seen this post first because I like one of these ideas better. Now to decide- do I want to redo the whole thing?....

  5. Great ideas!! TFS!!

    mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com

  6. Thanks for the link :) I love seeing how people organize their stuff!


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