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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Tutorial with FCCB....Cascading Card

It's Holly here with another Thursday Tutorial.   Boy, do I have a tutorial for you today! 

Check out this Fantabulous Cascading Card made Dr Sonia from Cards, Crafts and Kid Projects

Cascading card
Since this blog is called Fatabulous Cricut, we do like to see things made by Cricut but when I saw this card I was like WOW!  

I let the Cricut part slide this time because I can make a cascading card for you using Cricut cuts but more importantly this Fantabulous designer is from India!

I'm guessing Cricut accessories aren't as readily available in India as they are here in Northern America and it's not like she can run down to her neighborhood Michael's and JoAnn's right?  

Let's give her a pass since her tutorial is so great.....

Materials Required to make a cascading card
Card stock : 2 pieces measuring 5.5 x 12 inches - use fairly thick sturdy card if you want to add lots of embellishments like I did.
Scoring tool- if you dont have one use a blunt knife or dry pen.
Make the Panels of your Cascading Card
Cascading card tutorial

Mark 3 inches down one side of the card stock as shown. Cut off the white triangle you get as shown in the cascading card template.Do this for the other piece of 5.5 x 12 inch card too to get the panels of your cascading card.
Mark the Panels
The Cascading card is just 2 accordion folded cards interlocked together by slots.To help you know where to make your slots you can mark both your panels as shown.
If you are using a scale mark the midpoint of 2 sides of your panel as shown. Measure 2 3/4 inch on the taller side and 1 1/4 inch on the shorter side.Join with a pencil line.

Cascading card tutorial
I used a score pal as shown below to help quickly find the midpoint. I marked the short side and turned it 180 degree clockwise to mark the longer side's midpoint.
Cascading card tutorial

Your Cascading card panels are mirror images and shown below is how the panels will look marked.
Cascading card template
Score your panels at 4 inch intervals[ black lines]. If using a score pal score at 4 and 8 inch mark.
Make the slots:If you use a score pal it is super easy to make your slots.Drop down score lines to meet the pencil line marked earlier. The slots will be at 2 , 6 and 10 inch marks as shown.

Cascading card tutorial
Cut out 1-2mm wide slots.Accordion fold your panels as shown. The folds are Valley- Mountain in the 1st panel and Mountain- Valley for the 2nd panel of your cascading card.
Cascading card template
Interlock the slots of your cascading card starting from the taller end.The slots fit so nicely together that no glue is required and your card will expand and collapse at will!

Dr. Sonia has many more detailed photos on her blog which you can check out HERE.

I gave Dr. Sonia's tutorial a try so here's what I came up with for my cascading card.

If you remember my Thursday's post from last week I mentioned everyone was "sicky-poo" in my house so I made a "Get Well Bug" cascading card for us. 
My "Get Well Bugs" are cut from the Paisley cartridge and the stamped sentiments are from My Pink Stamper.  You can check out more details about my card on my blog at Ribbons & Glue.

I hope this cascading card inspires you to give Dr. Sonia's tutorial a try!

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  1. WOW is right! BOTH of these cards are gorgeous, Holly! I can't wait to get home from some errands I have to run to try my hand at one. If it comes out half as good as either of yours, I'll be more than please. Beautiful!!

  2. Holly I am thrilled you liked my card and tutorial to feature it despite it being "noncricut"! You are so right we dont get cutting machines easily in India and so I cut a lot !!
    Your cheerful cascade is so beautiful


  3. These are gorgeous Holly! I will have to try this!

  4. Your cards are fabulous! Thank you so much for the great tutorial too!

  5. WOW and thanks for the tutorial. It's a winner for me and going to give it a shot. Love your card..♥

  6. Simply wonderful! I can't wait to try your tutorial!
    Thank you!

  7. This card is beautiful. I seen a similar card in a magazine that is published in the UK and wondered how this is done. Then just days later I see it on your boards. Thanks so much for the detail as I am alittle thick headed about guess work.
    Can't wait to get started!!

  8. Beautiful tutorial Dr Sonia and I love your Get well card too Holly!

  9. I tried this this weekend and it was lovely, except that darn pencil line for the midpoint. No matter how light I make it, I hate erasing it as it makes it lighter.

  10. Can't wait to try this! I can think of so many ways to use it! Thank you for the idea and tutorial. Not everyone here has a circuit either.


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