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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Storing Cartridges

Hi Cricut-teers! Welcome to another Quick Tip Tuesday.
I was browsing the web and came across some very helpful ways to store Cricut cartridges, especially if your collection keeps growing! 

Here is the Cricut Cartridge Storage Binder. 
This holds 12 cartridges. 

Here is the Cricut Storage Book. 
 This holds 8 cartridges, can be either orange or blue. 

Here is the Scrap 'n Tote.
(The picture below is from Obsessed with Scrapbooking, you can see the original post here.)
(The two pictures below are from Bits of Paper, you can see her original post here!)

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  1. You forgot about the ArtBin. It holds 16 cartridges, books, overlays and even has a spot for your tools.


  2. I have seriously been considering buying two of the first binders you showed. I have most of my cartridges stored in a Cgull tote (with the booklets and keypads in plastic totes) because I need just a little more room right now, not enough for another Cgull tote.


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