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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Tutorial - Resticking Cricut Mats

Happy Thursday Cricut Users!

This is Cicily your Thursday Tutorial gal!

Now I know that cleaning & resticking your mats is not a new thing.
However I was curious if the same techniques could be used on the Imagine mats.

This first video is one I did on the original mats

This video is for resticking the new mats.

Then there is this method!

I do have to warn you that I did notice the last time I used the Zig adhesive, that I put it on too thick so my paper was not wanting to release at all.

I also noticed the 2nd video mentioned not using the Zig for your Imagine & that makes sense.

I am surprised at the 3rd video & how well it seems to be working for her.

Let me know what resticking techniques you use!




  1. I have been using scotch tape on mine now for at least half a year and it works wonderful! I use it on both the Imagine and Expression mats.

    Marjorie from TX

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am going to have to try this out!

  3. I loved video 2, I never thought about using a Scotch glue stick! I will be getting some of these for sure. I have used both methods in video 1 and 3.

  4. I use Aleene's Tack-it Over & Over... you use 2 part water to 1 part glue.. paint on with the sponge brush evenly let dry over nite then condition it with the palms of your hands all over the mat....paper does not stay stuck like the zig does..works for me

  5. I was very surprised to find how well Baby Wipes work. I found an original Cricut mat at the back of the cupboard. It was well used (if not overused)and there was not one bit of sticky left to it at all. 3 weeks later my mat is still going strong.

  6. Great videos. So far Zig has worked for me but I do not have an Imagine. Have not tried Baby wipes for cleaning either - I prefer regular ole soap/water. Too funny about taping - would not have thought of that. Thanks for sharing these great tips!
    I do have a question that these videos made me think of. Is there a difference between the mats for E! vs the Imagine? I have been using the smaller Bug and recently got a used Expression w/out a mat. Went to hobby store to buy 12x12 mat and they had only one kind avail. It looks different (having white edges and black outline) which makes me think it's for the Imagine. I'm wondering if that matters? Thanks!

  7. I've been using repositionable spray for years, but think I will be trying some of these ideas. Not sure about the scotch tape but the others look like good ideas. Bought the Aleenes stick over and over but haven't tried it yet(have to refind it) Thanks for the videos

  8. I have been using the tape on my old unsticky mats for some time and it works great! I do this especially for the more intricate designs for extra assurance that the paper is going to stay put because if I use a mat that is too sticky, it tends to tear the frilly cuts. I also search the internet for sale prices on mats so I can have them in stock. A few months ago, I purchased some at half price. I also get my cartridges on EBAY but you have to know your original prices by checking out the CRICUT website. One person who was bidding against me actually paid $5.00 more on EBAY then the price on the CRICUT site. Mats are not supper expensive but if you cut alot, its worth it to shop around.

  9. will regular white glue and water work or does it have to be the tack it over & over?


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