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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quick Tip Tuesday - Gypsy Tips

Welcome to another Quick Tip Tuesday! I hope everyone has had a wonderfully creative week!
Just a quick note, if you are here expecting to see the tip about using cricut cartridge cases on your projects please click HERE after checking out todays tip.

I don't know how many of you out there have a gyspy or are trying to decide whether to get one or not, but I have one and I absolutely love mine. I remember when I was researching them, trying to decide whether or not to buy one, many people said that they no longer used their cricut without it. I couldn't imagine that until I owned one. And, no I do not use my cricut without my gypsy - unless of course I am borrowing a cartridge from a friend. So, for today's Quick Tip I am going to give you some Gypsy tips!

The following tips come from Cindy at her Crazy for Crafting blog.

1) On the keyboard overlay screen, hold down the upper left silver button and click on any key to see it full screen size.  Release the button and tap again to close it.  This is an awesome one because you can see the image in detail!

2) When you're on a screen that has a list you can scroll through vertically, the left silver buttons scroll through the list one item at a time.

3) On the work mat, if you zoom in as far as the Gypsy will let you, you are looking at your image (or the part of the image that you can see) at the actual size it will cut.

4) When using the search function, searches are case sensitve. All keywords are lower case, so for best results, don't use capital letters when performing a search.

Tips & Highlights from The Bugbytes

Click on each link to take you to the particular post.
  1. Gypsy after you open the box
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  3. Gypsy & Cricut - Resetting your cricut and Gypsy & for video of resetting your gypsy http://www.thebugbytes.com/2009/11/resetting-your-gypsy-your-cricut.html
  4. Gypsy Tip- Loading the mat
  5. Gypsy Tip - Grouping and welding order
  6. Gypsy tip for the day - Zooming to the maximum to get exact scaling
  7. More Cricut Gypsy Tips - Same tip as first but in more detail
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  19. Gypsy tips Setting cursor for layering
  20. Gypsy Tips - Update your firmware, gypsy and CDS
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  22. Gypsy Troubleshoot - The new way to reset the updates in case they go wrong
  23. Gypsy Tips - To find a cartridge used in a file
  24. Gypsy Tips - Placing or not placing objects in a mat and resizing images in a group
  25. Gypsy Tips - Selecting images in layers especially when flipped
  26. Gypsy Tip (video) - Cutting multiple welded images (autofill) & copying image
  27. Gypsy Tip - Selecting an image which is difficult to grab
  28. Cricut Sync Troubleshoot for Gypsy
  29. Gypsy tip - Keyword search
  30. Gypsy tips --Welding right- Try playing with Grouping order
  31. Gypsy Tip: Note file extensions while transfering/downloading gypsy or cds file
  32. Gypsy & CDS tip - Converting cut files to gypsy - avoiding the unhandled exception - March 2011

Have you ever wondered about the photo app on the Gyspy? Check out this video that comes from Joy's Life by clicking HERE

And, you can click HERE for other Gypsy how to videos by Joy's Life

Thank you for joining me on another Quick Tip Tuesday, I will see you again next week!

Please be sure to come back tomorrow to check out our Wednesday Winners.

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  1. I refused to buy a Gypsy for a long time...mistake! After I finally bought one, I could not believe how awesome the Gypsy is! I can't imagine not using the Gypsy to create! Thank you for the helpful tip and the links for more fabulous Gypsy information.

  2. Wow! This is awesome! I hate to say it, but I have had my gypsy for 2 years and haven't used it! Now, with your list, maybe I will get something done! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. Great post Jamie. I have learned so much from Gypsy posts.

  4. Great tips! I didn't know about those first few. I definitely don't use my Gypsy as often as I should. These tips sure help!

  5. Thank you so much for choosing my card in the top 5! Congrats to the others and winner too!


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